ICT Services

We can offer maintenance contracts for a per user fee to help keep your IT functioning or on a per job basis. We can make changes to your IT Systems or Infrastructure to help make the most of today’s newest technologies and support you with them.

Through the use of our skilled and qualified staff we can offer the following to help your business grow:

• Cloud Printer set-up using Google Cloud Print – This allows you to print from anywhere.

• Mobile device set-up and demonstration with laptops, Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad, Windows Tablet & Android Tablet devices.

• Configuring your mobile device to access E-mails and your files, when you are with clients or customers and you cannot access a computer.

• RAM & hardware upgrades and Home/Business Networking so everyone can access the Internet.

• Protecting your systems with Anti-Virus and Firewall set-up and support.

• Utilising CRM to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

• Website building & creating a social media presence.

Education Services

We can offer an experienced associate assessor to assess and deliver the Essential Skills Wales and ICT (NVQ) Frameworks.

We can offer a qualified and experienced Internal Quality Assurer whether you are looking for someone short term to help with IQA, long-term to act as your IQA or help bring standards up to Awarding Body requirements.

We can offer training and staff development in carrying out assessing or delivering ICT and ESW qualifications.


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